Monday, October 8, 2012

Just a little update on the last 6 months or so

I thought ‘d give you all a little update in to what has been happening of late in our little world. There have been so many things on the go that I fear that this blog has fallen by the way side a little bit but I’m happy to admit that things are finally settling down (for a little bit at least!)

About eight months ago my face decided to surprise me with adult acne (I cringe just saying that word), the doctors believe that my hormones have gone crazy since finishing breast feeding. So I’ve been trying every pill, cream and medication around. A friend put me in touch with a naturopath who I can only describe as being hardcore b*@ch. I was put onto the caveman diet and was only allowed to eat vegetables, nuts and protein, every mouthful had to be written and emailed daily to make sure I wasn’t enjoying life. I have to admit that I did feel amazing and my skin was looking better but it was a very anti social diet and I was missing having the odd treat. I felt that I was really grumpy with the world and my hubbie and girls would also agree! 

I can’t complain too much though as my body was so pure that it lead to pregnancy number 3. Yep, I’m up the duff again. So immediately the vomiting began and out goes the caveman diet and in comes the bread, pasta and anything white. All that hard work with my diet was undone within days. But anyone that suffers morning sickness will understand that it’s all about survival in this stage, and we can’t be precious about what goes into our mouths. I really struggled with the first four months; my poor girls watched a lot of TV in this horrible period.

Amongst all of this time, my hubby was training to swim the English Channel. This is a massive challenge and I’m totally behind him, the commitment that he has shown is amazing, he (we) have given up a lot for him to fulfil this dream. Due to all the training this has meant that the last six months or so has meant that the fish in the ocean have seen him more than we have and this has been hard for everyone involved but it has been worth it and I try to keep my complaining to a minimum! 

We just returned from the UK a couple of days ago and sadly our dream of crossing the Channel didn’t happen due to the weather being too horrendous in the swimming window that was given to us. The winds were too high which meant that no one was allowed to swim. As you can imagine our disappointment was massive but you can’t give up, especially as Hubby has raised around 40k for a great charity. So we will do it all again next year. Hubs started his training schedule again this morning, so it’s life as normal in that respect. I really admire him for doing it all again, it’s not easy. 

And now lets talk about food, as that is what this blog is all about. Miss F is getting better. Yes, she will ask for pasta every day but I try to limit it to every 3rd night or so. I don’t feel too bad about feeding them pasta, as there is always a different variety of vegetable and protein in there every time. The great thing about Miss F is that she is trying more things. She may not like it, but it satisfies me to no end if she just takes a bite. 

Little SS will be turning 2 in Jan, so we’re already experiencing some of the classic signs of the terrible 2’s. She is much better at eating meat than her big sister but if something doesn’t look appealing, I’ll find it on the floor and there will be a massive drama about it. 

I try not to let their eating habits worry me; they will get there in the end. I make sure I try a couple of new meals every week but I also stick to their faves. The fights and disappointment aren’t worth it for everyone involved. 

So that’s about it in a nutshell. I apologise for such a long blog, but I really wanted to share the latest happenings in our lives. I have some exciting things planned for the blog, and I still love that fact that my recipes are being shared on the online Woolworths baby and toddler club. It excites me that this little idea that I had for a blog isn’t such a crazy idea after all! Thanks so much for all of your support, it really helps. So as they say… stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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  1. Congratulations on your baby news! Emma :)

  2. Go you. You're amazing. Really. Looking forward to hearing more.