Friday, June 15, 2012

Toddler tastes book club

One of my favourite things to do (on those rare occasions when I’m kid free) is to wander around bookstores and libraries. Bookstores I love, especially when they have a card section and a cafĂ©. I could be lost in there for hours, that's my heaven. The library is a new thing for me. I used to bag out friends that would go, it just seemed so old school to me. BUT times have changed and books are getting so darned expensive. So to my local library I went and I was amazed by not only the huge selection of books but how update to date the selection was. When I first came home from the library with my 6 books my Hubby could not stop me from saying “ I just brought 6 books home and it cost me NOTHING”.
Yesterday I spent about an hour going through the cookbook selection.  There are so many great cookbooks out there, so I thought if I was to come across a great book I should share it with you. We could start a kind of book club going, so if you have a great book that you would like to tell us about, please do. Lets face it; we are all looking for some great inspiration.

My first book is called My grandma’s Kitchen. It’s by Louise Fulton Keats, and she just happens to be Margaret Fultons Granddaughter. So the great thing about this book is all the recipes are from Margaret Fulton (Aussie Legend) but they are aimed to please the little ones. This book has been written as though the Grandkids are telling a story with the recipes thrown in. Being a little different to normal books there are no pictures of the actual recipes, just very cute illustrations of the kids and ingredients. This book is beautiful to look at and kids would love the recipes and the story. I’m just waiting for my girls to wake up and then we are going to make some oatmeal and raisin cookies.
If you’re interested in finding more about ‘My Grandma’s kitchen’ by Lousie Fulton Keats click here

So, if you have any books that you use on a regular basis when cooking for your family, please let me know. I can look into it, see if my library has it and then I can share it with everyone else. You can email me or contact me on facebook

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