Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holy moly it's an avocado cake

Here’s a cake that I’ve wanted to try for a while, it’s an avocado cake. It sounds strange doesn’t it? That’s why I was so keen to give it a try. I saw this recipe on one of my favourite blogs called Babymac.  I had some time this afternoon and thought it was time to give it a burl.  

It certainly is different; I’m in love with the bright green colour that becomes visible once you cut into the loaf. The taste is different to what you might expect. It’s more savoury than sweet. The recommendation with this cake it to serve it with some cream cheese. Yummo. I gave a slice to the girls just as is, there were mixed reactions; my youngest loved it and my eldest not so much. Still I recommend you give it a go. It’s nice to branch away from sweet cakes every now and then.  

You will find the recipe and other great family meals here at Babymac.

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  1. That sounds like pretty irresistible recipe. I really like avocado so I must try t prepare that delicious cake.