Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2 ingredient pancakes (I kid you not)

I’m currently going through a bit of a detox at the moment so things are a little dull at the moment. I’m basically living as the cavemen did, plenty of meat, veg and fruit and that’s all folks.

The one big positive about this detox are the new recipes that I’m discovering, here is a recipe that makes my breakfasts enjoyable. Both of my girls love this. I introduce you to the 2 ingredient pancakes. That’s right, just 2 ingredients.

1 banana
2 eggs

1. Blend the banana and eggs together until you have a mixture that resembles pancake mixture.
2. Place in a frypan and cook as you would a normal pancake.
3. Add any topping that you desire. I like to stew up some fruits and place that on top. If I wasn’t detoxing I would add some nice yoghurt on top of the berry mixture.

What's your favourite 3 or 4 ingredient recipe? 

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  1. Our favourite pasta sauce is 6 tomatoes with the skins removed, chopped, in a saucepan for 20 minutes or so with 2 whole cloves of garlic, then blended, with a bit of parsley or basil added if you wish. Simple and yum (once your detox ends!) And our toddler will eat it too (most of the time!)