Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy moly where are the crusts?

Stop the press; look above Miss F ate some of her crusts!!! What an achievement! 

This got me thinking about other changes that have been made since starting this blog. 

Since discovering that a lot of the antioxidants in a slice of bread are found in the crusts I have stopped cutting them off (laziness on my behalf might also play a role here). But since doing this Miss F sometimes forgets to ignore them and will accidently bite into them. On some glorious days her plate is completely empty and on others there those crusts lie in all of their glory.  So we can say that improvements have been made on the crust front. Tick.

Now, back to my grand statement of not feeding Miss F anything that comes out of a package? How’s that going? Terribly! Muesli bars and tidy teddies are no longer in my nappy bag. And I do make most snacks. But when it comes to things like crumpets, rice crackers etc I buy, buy, buy. I don’t have time or the inclination to be cooking every single meal from scratch. I wish I was one of those Mum’s, I really do but sadly I’m not. Making this grand statement has changed things though. My freezer is full of snacks that I just pull out when needed. So I do feel better about things.

Is Miss F eating more than just nuggets and spaghetti bolognaise? She most certainly is. Having these recipes sent in has really helped. I’m not saying that she eats anything and everything but we can be a little more experimental now.  Sometimes she will still just have toast for dinner and there are still times when she will just look at the meal and will demand that it be put into the bin.  But we can’t build Rome in a day. So we are all happy. So thank you for your help, keep those recipes coming in. 

Have you seen any improvements in your little munchkins lately? 

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  1. Congrats on the missing crusts! My daughter tries to make almost everything from scratch but still gets some snacks for the kids, like the goldfish crackers, but from a store that carries most all things made in a pretty healthy way...Everything in moderation.

  2. I have only just started to stop cutting crusts of too, purely from laziness too I might add, and my son eats half of them as well now. I had no idea that's where the antioxidants live. Yay! That's a little something good that's getting into him amidst the processed snacks he lives off!! Thanks so much for the tip!! x

  3. Good work on the crusts. I tried spreading the butter (or whatever) over the edges onto the crusts just to entice the Fussy Eater and it seems to work.

    I've tried to stop buying pre packaged food, but it is hard when you are busy.