Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby food, spinach smoothies and kale chips...

This is a bit of a different post today. I’ve had a sick little baby so cooking new things hasn’t been possible. This is where all the leftovers from previous recipes have certainly come in handy. So this post will be all about sharing the love, things that have inspired some meals for me to put on my must do list.

Something that has been playing on my mind recently is actually my little SS. She’s just turned 6 months and already I have become lazy with her solid foods The prepacked foods out there are so good now. I’ve been buying these gourmet mixes that have rosehip, quinoa, chi, blueberries etc and everything is organic. I actually felt that I was doing her a favour by buying these. But the guilt of doing this has been playing on my mind. Poor SS gets these and Miss F not only gets home cooked meals (sometimes several for each course) and she has a BLOG that is based about her meals. Poor SS is already suffering the second child syndrome and she’s just turned 6 months. So I’m going to make a big batch of food tomorrow for little SS. I’m going to be heading over to ecomilf, as I love her meal suggestionsI'm sure i will continue to use packaged food when we are out and about as they are perfect for travelling with and they are just so damn good these days. Did you make your own baby food? Do you have any great recipes that little SS can try?

Now there are two things that have surprised me on a friends blog. Have you ever thought to add spinach to a smoothie? I certainly haven’t but apparently it works and it comes out as the most beautiful colour green (I think that shows I’m a graphic designer, everything is about colours!).  You must go check it out here at come parent with me.  I plan to make this for both Miss F and myself.

The next thing that totally amazed both my hubbie and myself is how good Kale chips can be. I had never heard of them and had an extremely hard time trying to convince my hubby to try them. But once they were made I was wishing that I had made more. You must try these, you will be so surprised. They almost taste like potato crisps but nicer. I’m going to make these for Miss F next time. Here’s the link

Hopefully I will be back in the kitchen tomorrow.

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