Saturday, June 25, 2011

To cut or not to cut...

I got to thinking about crusts this morning as I was cutting them off Miss F’s toast. She doesn’t ask for them be cut off but if they aren’t she will only take one bite in the fear that her mouth might actually touch them. So I started to cut them off because I was having to cook her 3 courses of toast just to fill her up.

This morning I wondered if I was taking any nutritional value out of the toast by doing this? As it turns out I am. According to the NY Daily News there’s eight times as much of the antioxidant in the crust than in the rest of the loaf. Eating the outer layer may actually prevent disease.

Don’t worry I know there are studies out there about everything, we are made to feel guilty about everything that we do. I’m sure the fact that I am putting butter and peanut butter onto the toast probably does more harm than taking the crusts off! Anyway, I’ll try and keep the crusts on and will hope that Miss F might accidentally bite into them and think that they are actually ok.

Do you make the cut? Do you have any suggestions on how I can make Miss F eat her crusts?

When did this happen?

I thought I would include this photo that I took this morning. It may just seem like two high chairs but this sight almost brought me to tears this morning. My little SS is growing up (now 5 months). It's beautiful to see my two girls loving the fact that they both now eat together but in my heart I want my baby to stay a baby just for a while longer. 


  1. Daisy won't eat her crusts either! So irritating but I end up cutting half of them off as she hardly eats any of the toast or bread with the crusts on. With half gone sometimes she doesn't notice but it's definitely not foolproof.

    Love the pics of the highchairs but I know exactly what you mean about your baby growing up too quickly. Mine is now 2! Xx

  2. I'm sure we are not the only ones battling with the crust issue! I tried leaving them on today but Frey wouldn't closer than about a 3cm away from the crust. I might actually try your half on and half off method. Sneaky i like it. x

  3. That photo of the high chairs is sooo cute! I can imagine how bittersweet it would be :)

    Also, loving the look of the blog - great work Miss Sash!

  4. I've never cut off Abby's crusts and she makes her way through them even though she's only 11 months. I was so wary of having to be the crust cutter-offer later so am getting her used to them now! I wonder if she'll always eat them without complaint...