Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheats super quick stir-fry

I think I have mentioned in previous posts that I have been working on a freelance project? Things have been so crazy that I have to admit that cooking hasn’t been my number one priority. So making Frey and myself lunch had to be quick. One day I was really struggling with ideas but I came up with this great recipe and it only takes a couple of minutes and is relatively healthy. All you need is a packet of microwave rice, a packet of fresh precut stir-fry veg and some soy sauce! Too easy. I wasn’t going to add this recipe but then I thought surely I’m not the only person that struggles with time issues?

Freya actually ate a fair bit of this meal and I loved it. 

So here is it. 

2 large bowls

1 bag of precut stir-fry vegetables
1 bag of 90 second microwave rice
Dash of soy sauce (or whatever you have in your fridge)

1. Place rice in microwave for recommended time.
2. Stir fry vegetables for a couple of minutes with your desired sauce.
3. Enjoy

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